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3D modeling – computer graphics, combining the techniques and the tools you need to create dimensional objects in 3D space

Development of high quality 3D-graphics, modeling of various items and 3D objects, technics and architecture, characters for 3D-games and mobile applications – all this you can order from us and our team will fulfill any of your project at the highest level.
3D technology covers quite a wide range of services. It may be, for example, the development of the design project of private home or an apartment with the possibility to display the final result on a computer screen or a printed album. Also here is the creation of spectacular 3D graphics presentations, commercials and music videos. Using 3D modelling in three-dimensional space can be recreated of almost any real or fictional object. It can be a 3D model of the animal, character, human or any object or symbol. Due to the subject of visualization of furniture, you can create a collection of not yet existing furniture catalog of a furniture factory, which greatly save your advertising budget, due to the fact that the furniture is not really made. Works of 3d modeler will provide an opportunity to demonstrate to the customer a realistic picture of the future image of the interior. 3D modeling creates virtually unlimited opportunities for industrial production, allowing, for example, to create a mold for casting, and so on. With the help of 3D model design can be illustrated by the project investor to the residential complex, shopping and entertainment center, or any other structure. The specialists of our web studio ready to take on the implementation of the plans conceived by you.

Development of 3D models of any complexity

Creation of 3D models may be required in different circumstances. The most common three-dimensional model is required for a variety of presentations, attract the attention of potential partners or investors, demonstrating all the benefits of a product or object. Statistics show that when rendering the presence probability of selling a particular product grows by several times. That is why today, 3D modeling services are very popular among business representatives.

 As part of the creation of 3D models of our specialists can be carried out as a visualization of individual objects, as well as individual items, technical parts and elements. 3D modeling allows us to obtain a three-dimensional computer model of the desired object with all its features and study every detail.

2D Graphics


Graphic Design – is the inner world and the face of each company. On the quality and informative graphic design depend the image and sales of goods or services.

Graphics design studio is the need for large and small companies in the market. Our graphic designers use modern tools in the work, so we guarantee high quality and efficiency of the Internet resource. From the design appeal of independent sales and confidence in the potential audience.

Computer graphics in a unique style designed for the customer. The presence in the video one or more animated in accordance with the story characters. Perhaps the presence of a character without the active animation and a small amount of 3D-elements

Our graphic design provides the video and animated infographics 2D of 3D-models. Create infographics of this type look the most “expensive”. 3D-models are most often used to show the appearance and internal objects device, buildings and other objects.

Our graphic artist learn and study thoroughly your business, to propose a solution that will bring you the most benefit. We have individual approach to each client.

Do you develop a game and you need game locations and unique concepts of characters? We will give you the freedom of choice and take you through the whole work process – from sketches to fully drawn approved layout.


3D animation is automated movement and transformations of 3D model in space with time

The definition is simple, but underneath the thick books of theory and practice, the long (and expensive) training courses, the unit is really cool pros (who often do not know how to model), and hundreds, if not thousands, of non-professionals.

Three ways of animation of 3D objects are used mainly. The first and simplest is the movement and rotation of the whole object without changing its shape. The second one is the dynamic deformation (beating heart – a perfect example). The third, the most difficult, and is usually used for character animation, this skeletal animation.

Animation video give almost limitless possibilities, because it allows you to show all angles, even non-existent objects – for example, not yet constructed buildings. Create 3d animations refers to a rather expensive service, since the process requires a long phase of work and the participation of professionals of the highest class.

Animated video is the result of serious work, which begins with the idea of ​​inventing and ends with post-production stage

Once the idea was formed, work begins on the scenario and storyboard. One of the key elements in the creation of 3D animation is inventing 3d models for an animated movie, the development of each of these animations, the definition of the background, effects, etc. Special attention is given realistic 3D characters, their movements and facial expressions. From this depends largely on the perception of animations, moreover, if that happens in the animated video looks plausible, it is the best indicator of professionalism 3d animator. Then he begins phase of 3D animation, which can also include a storyboard for a simplified layout (animatic). The most difficult part of the job is production and post production – installation, video, sound, overlay effects, and others.

Animation Studio Madpencil has been creating animated videos of any complexity and orientation

One of the most popular services of our studio 3D animation is an architectural 3d animation. It is a process of detailed visualization spectacular as the existing houses and buildings and houses that are still in the project. Architectural 3d graphics animation allows you to visualize the potential customers all the advantages of these objects, as investors show appearance and internal arrangement of the building after the project implementation. Such opportunities are provided only animated video, so the number of customers ordering the creation of 3D animation studio, is growing.


Illustration art

Websites, brochures, postcards, books and calendars and posters look much more attractive and original if they used an illustration. Illustrators of our illustration agency at the professional level have different technique like computer graphics and painting by hand. We understand that advertising, we create must arouse consumer desire motif so closely with a professional psychologist and consider all possible mechanisms of advertising on the person.

Illustration creation is a creative process, in which there is a variety of technologies – from the selection of styles and instruments to the domestic scene setting and cultural context. When creating illustrative material, our priority is to solve the customer’s problems by means of which we own. By creating a graphic, we rely both on style and the capability of the author, and the variety of techniques.

Development of advertising graphic illustrations

The most common digital illustration in advertising – photography, since they record reality, conveying thus the true image of objects. In the case where the picture is unable to convey the idea of ​​an information message, use a graphic illustration. Their advantage is that they allow you to create any non-existing images (cartoon characters, branded characters and so forth.). Moreover, a lot of things and concepts easier to convey to the consciousness it visually, through vivid and memorable illustrations.

Using high-quality illustrations on the package not only improve the perception of information and attract the attention of potential customers to the product, create a strong feeling of exclusivity, which is why they are often found in today’s production of packages of premium products.

Photo illustrations may also be part of the corporate identity, decorating brochures and booklets, as well as be independent elements of magazines, catalogs, books, newspapers.

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